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At The Gables of Greene County, we’ve worked hard to offer unique, flexible, and affordable services that benefit all of our customers. No matter what your needs are, we will go out of our way to customize your experience on the property.


Effective September 1, 2021

Hourly Rental

  • Grounds & Porch Access 

$50 an hour 

  • Indoor & Grounds Access

$95 an hour 

(Saturday & Sunday Only)

Additional Services & Fees:

  • Dressing Area Reservation $30

This service allows for wardrobe changes for bridal, maternity, senior portraits, etc inside of the home.

  • Clean Up Fee $10 & up

We do allow confetti, balloons, flowers, food, etc on site. A fee will be applied accordingly if the property owners have to clean up residual props.​

  • Green Couch Rental    $25

  • Cream Couch Rental   $25

  • Cream Chair Rental     $15​

  • Leather Couch Rental  $25

  • Wooden Bench Rental $15

 ​Important Notables

Invoices, through Square, will be sent via email the day of reservation. A late fee of $30 will be applied if payment is not provided the day of reservation. 

Early arrival is contingent on booking calendar. We believe everyone's time is valuable, therefore your time reserved is what will be allotted. 

In the event your session goes over the reserved time, you will be expected to pay for the extra time.

Prices are subject to change without notice based on the seasonal need and demand of services. 

Property Release: The Gables of Greene County is a privately owned property. Therefore, any photography given in exchange of payment warrants for mentions of the venue on websites, social media outlets, as well as the right to use selected photos for promotional purposes. 

Pricing & Packages: Services
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